What you’ll learn

  • From the fundamentals, to the most advanced features, this training covers everything you need to know about Excel
  • To be able to use Microsoft Excel in a commercial environment
  • Learn from a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor with over 12 years of experience teaching
  • Money Back Guarantee – Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Enhance your current Excel files & automate your work with VBA.
  • Master Excel VBA & Macros

Microsoft Excel

Excel Structure
Excel Questions
Cell Properties
Autofill Value And Text
Excel Questions
Autofill Date
Autofill Advance Tools
Cell Reference
Operators Based Equation
Math Function
Text Function – Upper, Lower, Proper, Trim
Text Function – Right, Left
Text Function – Find And Task
Text Function – Solution And Nested Left
Text Function – Find And Left Nesting
Text Function – Mid Function
Text Function – Mid Task And Solution
Text Function – Concatenate
Text Function – Concatenate Task And Solution
Text Function – Replace
Text Function – Replace Task And Solution
Text Function – Substitute
Text Function – Len, Rept, Exact, Search
Text To Column
Workbook Protect
Protect Sheet
Hide Formulas And Unlocked Cell
Protect File With Password
Share Book
If Function – Logical Test
If Function – With Equation And Task
If Function – Nested If
If Function – Advance
If Function – Adv 2
And , Or Function
And, Or, If Nested
And, Or Advance
Pivot Table – Intro
Pivot Table – Manage Field Area
Pivot Table – Value Field, Report And More
Pivot Table – Slicer And Dublicate Pivot
Pivot Table – Group To Mange Date And Values
Pivot Table – Insert Calculated Field
What if Analysis – Goal Seek
What if Analysis – Scenario Manager
PMT Function – EMI Calculator
Data Table – Create Loan Table
Print Option In Excel – Part 1
Print Option In Excel – Part 2
Chart Preperation
Chart Preperation – Advance
Chart Preperation – Customize
Conditional Formatting
Conditional Formatting – Types Of Rules
Conditional Formatting – Mange Rules
Conditional Formatting – New Rules 1
Conditional Formatting – New Rules 2
Data Validation
Data Validation – Input Message And Error Alert
Advance Math Function
Advance Math Function 2
Using Of Wild Card In Math Function
Vlookup Function
Vlookup With Iferror
Vlookup Nesting With If
Match Function
Index And Match Nested
Vlookup Array
Vlookup Col Trick
Vlookup True
Advance Vlookup


Excel VBA – MACRO61

Macro Recording Part 1
Macro Recording Part 2
Macro Recording Part 3
Types Of Ways To Run Macros
Introduction to Macro
Start Macro Programming
Macro Task Basic
Methods to Refer Range
Selection of multiple cell
Formatting through VBA
End Command in VBA
Offset in VBA
Task on Data Entry Automate
Solution for the task
Methods to refer to sheets
Methods related to sheets
Sheet related task
Sheet Related Task Solution
Methods to Refer to Workbooks
Methods related to workbook
Workbook related project
Declared Variable
Data Types in Variable
Object variable related task
Solution of task 2
Variable Project
Apply IF in VBA
Task for IF
Solution of IF task
Select Case
Select Case 2nd Scenerio
Select Case 3rd Scenario
Understanding Loop
Loop Practical example
Loop Related Task Solution
Do While Loop
For Loopcounter
For Loopcounter Step importance
For Loopcounter Step Example 2
For Each Loop
For Each Loop Example
For Each Task Solution
Loop related Task
Loop Solution and Further Task
Loop Related Project
How to create Events
Events Example and task
Event Task Solution
Sheet Specific Events
Function Related Task
Function Related task Solution
Create Optional Parameter in Function
VBA to control Outlook Application
Outlook Related Project
Create Userform
Create Pivot Table with VBA
File System Object in VBA
File in FSO
FSO Practical Example
Late Binding Technique in Macro

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